Tips for Finding a Good Realtor in B.C.

No matter where you are thinking of buying property in Canada, it is always wise to use the services of a good realtor. When you are venturing into a property deal in B.C., finding a good quality real estate agent should be your priority. Here are a few tips to help you with this task:

Know the Region You are Interested in

To make things easier, you may want to determine what regions of B.C. you are interested in if you are buying a home. If you are new to the province then you may want to do some research about the different regions first, so you can narrow down your choices.

Once you know your areas of interest, you will want to pick a realtor that services that particular area. They will have good knowledge of the region and will be able to provide you with lots of useful information. They will most likely have several properties listed that may be of interest to you.


Make use of internet resources to help you find a realtor for the area you are interested in. Also, check out the local papers of the region as they often have realtor ads that will give you some quick contact information.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have found a few realtors that are of interest to you, you want to confirm their credentials and experience. You can ask several questions to do this:

  • Ask them to show you listings in your area that they have previously sold.
  • See if the realtor has received any awards
  • Find out how long the agent has been in the real estate industry and how long have they been servicing the specific location that you are interested in.

You have to feel comfortable and confident in your realtor.

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