Taking a Look at Luxury Houses in B.C.

British Columbia is one of the many wonderful provinces in Canada where you can invest in real estate. If you want to move here then you need to consider purchasing a luxury home. Everyone has their own idea of what a luxury home is and sometimes it is referred to as an estate home.

Here are some examples of luxury homes that can be found in different regions of B.C.:

Vancouver B.C.

This is one home that is for sale here that falls into this category and is loaded with luxurious amenities. It all begins with the view which is comprised of both water and mountain views. The lot size is 35,500 square feet and the landscaping is immaculately manicured. It has radiant heat, two car parkings and an indoor pool. It can certainly be classed as spacious because it is comprised of 8,090 sq. feet. The price tag of this property is $28,000,000 CAD.

Whistler B.C.

One of the favourite regions of B.C. is Whistler because of its magnificent scenery. A luxury home in this area currently on the market is referred to as a mountain oasis. It is situated on 8.3 acres of land and has 10 bedrooms with 11 bathrooms. The view is what one would see in a scenic magazine. The asking price of this home is $24,950,000.

Victoria B.C.

This is a luxury home located on water front property but the interior is beyond words. It is 13,852 sq. feet. Ironically it only has 5 bedroom but 10 bathrooms. Among all the examples, it has the lowest price tag with $13,500,000.

These are just a few examples of the higher priced luxury homes that can be found in British Columbia. If you are willing to settle for lower price and perhaps a little less space, you will find the prices can drop significantly depending on the area you have chosen.

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