How Expensive are Construction Materials in B.C.?

Buying property in British Columbia with the intent of building your own home is a great idea, but it means that you have to take into account the cost of materials that it will take for the home to br built.

Every province in Canada has its own supply of specific items that can be used in the construction of homes. For B.C., they have an abundance of soft wood that has helped in keeping the cost of these materials needed for a home down to a reasonable price. This has somewhat changed because of the devastating fires that recently occurred there that destroyed a lot of forest area. As a result, the overall construction costs have increased.

It has been noted that in the last year alone, cost of materials have risen in regards to lumber costs which includes the sheeting materials like plywood. As a result of the fires, several of the major lumber supply companies have had to shut down.

It is estimated that a home that is considered average in size which is about 1,500 square feet now costs about $345,000. to build, and this includes other costs of materials besides wood and like labour costs.

Based on all of this, builders are looking for other alternatives to materials that would be just as efficient but at a lesser cost. There is a real trend moving towards using natural materials to help off set the rising costs that the province is now experiencing. Some of these alternatives are straw bales, rammed earth and even cobs.

There is an ongoing experimentation with these alternatives and the results are turning out to be quite favourable. For those who don’t want to go this route, the other alternative is to perhaps settle for a smaller home that will require a smaller amount of materials.

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